The Best Falafel Sammie in the City: Falafel Yo!


Here’s a charming spot for Authentic Israeli Cuisine – think they put together some of their favorite recipes from the other side of the world to share with all of us!

We can now enjoy fresh, quick, simple yet healthy and delicious Falafel sandwich at Falafel Yo! Located at the 3/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center in Makati. Perfect to grab for a quick lunch and will likely be a staple breakfast for most of us. It’s an ideal movie snack too, you may even do yourself a favor when popcorn or pretzels don’t blend in. Ask for napkins!

Falafel Yo offers (3) different sandwiches: Falafel Yo (P159) is their traditional take on the Israeli sandwich which has 6 deep-fried falafel balls stuffed in a chewy pita bread lined with vegetables; Falafelito (99), about half of the Yo, perfect for kids, comes with fries and no chili then Falafel Beast (189) combines beef and chickpeas.

Apart from falafel, customers can enjoy salads or add-ons such as fried eggplant, hummus (great homemade hummus!), sumac or pickled onions, roasted green chilies, cabbage, lettuce and a Mediterranean tomato and cucumber mix. They love their dips and enjoyed same especially Amba, a sour yellow sauce made of mango, cumin and turmeric plus the Tahini which is a mix of sesame seeds, coriander and parsley.
“At Falafel Yo, we make falafel the same way we do back home,” Guy Mann, General Manager says. “We want it to taste the same. It has to be authentic. The falafel you get here will taste the same, if not better, than the ones you get in the streets of Israel.” On their menu, “We have a very focused meny and that allows us to deliver the very best in authentic Israeli falafels. At the same time, we also want to cater to other people who aren’t familiar with Israeli cuisine and introduce them to falafels.”
Before I forget, Falafel Yo also serves tangy Lemongrass Juice that goes perfect for the sandwich.
Plan your visit on the Cinema level of Greenbelt and taste the Israeli versions! I am suddenly craving and don’t want to leave you all hungry… They will give free sandwich to the first 100 guests later today as their Opening Treat. Enjoy your time and the dips! Get updates at


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