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I love falafel.

If you don’t know what falafel is, it’s a meatball, but it’s not a meatball! If you want go meatless, a falafel is something that may tide you over a meat craving.


So what’s a falafel?

It’s basically a fried ball of ground chickpeas (also called garbanzos), but seasoned with delicious herbs & spices. Paired with fresh, crunchy salads, and dips like hummus, tahini, etc… it can be very, very good.

Falafel Yo Original:

Falafel Yo Greenbelt Falafel Yo Original


Falafel Yo Greenbelt Falafelito

The Middle-Eastern street food staple is about to become more familiar to Metro Manilans. Before, the only way to get falafels was to go to a restaurant specializing in Middle Eastern food, or to make it yourself. Very often, the falafels the restaurants serve are also not quite as good or fresh as they should be.


The people behind the Israeli / Mediterranean bar restaurant Chaplin at Century City Mall decided to make a spinoff of their popular falafel. The owners are Israeli brothers, so you can be sure that the falafel is authentic and up to their standards.

Falafel Yo is located in Greenbelt 3, 4th floor, near the movie theaters. They still have the nice tiles incorporated in their design, just like Chaplin.

Falafel Yo will open its doors to the public on July 1 (Saturday), and the first 100 customers will get free falafels! (See details below)

It is on soft opening right now, and we were able to try the falafel yesterday.

There are only 3 kinds of sandwiches offered:

Falafel Yo Greenbelt Menu

The Falafel Yo sandwiches are pita breads filled with fillings like hummus, tahini, falafel, coleslaw, pickled onions, other salads, breaded and fried eggplant, french fries, etc… You can ask for them to put all the salads, or you can customize your sandwich by asking for only coleslaw and no other salad, or just want tomatoes, or just onions – whatever you want.

Falafel Yo Greenbelt Salads

I tried the Original Falafel Yo:

Falafel Yo Greenbelt Falafel Yo Original 2

The Original Falafel Yo is very filling! It’s not very obvious from the pictures, but the Original Falafel Yo is big, like half your face big. I ate one and I was full. Can’t even believe it’s meatless. It has a lot of flavor and fixins that we usually associate with meat, so it kind of tricked my mind. I didn’t even miss the meat. It’s a very healthy choice if you’re looking to make good nutritional decisions, but it doesn’t taste like typical bland “healthy” food.

The actual falafel (the fried chickpea balls) were soft and not dry. The chickpeas are ground enough to be soft but still provide a little crunch. They are always fried to order, so they’re always fresh and new.

Falafel Yo Greenbelt Falafel

Price-wise, an order of the original is P159. You might think that you could get a 2-pc chicken already for that price, sure. But if you compare it to other “healthy” food, the P159 is actually on the lower side, and you’ll already be quite full with just one sandwich. You’ll also be doing your health a favor by eating fresh and healthy food!

For drinks, try the minty Lemongrass juice.


Falafel Yo Grand Opening FREE

Falafel Yo will have a grand opening promo where the first 100 customers get free falafel on JULY 1, 2017 (SATURDAY)! They open at 10 AM!

Greenbelt 3




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