Falafel Yo! Go Crazy on the New and Authentic Israeli Cuisine


I was not a fan of Israeli Cuisine, I also don’t have enough knowledge about it until I encountered Falafel Yo! A burst of different flovors plus good company are all you need to enjoy anytime.


Good news! There is a new falafel place in town! Discerning palates can now enjoy traditional Israeli cuisine at Falafel Yo!, a new restaurant offering fresh, authentic, healthy and delicious falafel.

Falafel plays and iconic role in Israeli Cuisine and is widely considered to be the national dish of the country, It is a popular street food made with mashed chickpeas (or garbanzo beans), parsley, coriander, garlic, and other Mediterranean spices.

The Gen Manager, Guy Mann, gre up eating the Israeli treat and wants to share that experience with Filipinos. He aims to preserve the traditional recipes and methods that have been refined and passed down on generation to generation.

“We make falafel the same way we do it back home.” Guy says. “We want it to taste the same. It has to be authentic. The Falafel you get here will taste the same, if not better that the ones you get in the streets of Israel. We make sure that what we will be serving to our costumers are not only affordable, but also fresh, authentic, and are guaranteed to fill their empty stomachs.” He adds.


Usually served with pita pread with a choice of vegetables, hummus and tahini sauce, falafel is perfect for holding and snacking on the move.


Falafel Yo serces 3 different sandwiches – the Falafel Yo (p159), Falafelito (p99), and Falafel Beast (p189).

For drinks, they serve tangy Lemongrass Juice (p95), a perfect refresher for the Manila heat.

Falafel Yo is located at the 3/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center in Makati. Situated on the cinema level.


Source: http://www.gusvilla.com/falafel-yo-go-crazy-on-the-new-and-authentic-israeli-cuisine/


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